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He shoots for include 2 grams of protein

He shoots for include 2 grams of protein Picture Box
He shoots for include 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (600 grams per day and 100 grams per meal.) This is more than most bodybuilders and it have obviously worked well for him. He eats 6 meals a day and his primary sources of protein are chicken, steak and turkey. 00001 anabolic cookbook banner jay cutler diet and fitcrew usa xtreme testrone nutrition Jay Cutler Another bodybuilder that has shared his nutrition plans on many occasions is 4-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. His diet has changed over the years and he is constantly monitoring his progress. His calorie goal is about 4,700 per day and tries to keep his macros around 40/40/20.Cutler also eats a lot of chicken and brown rice and says that about 5-6 hours of his day are spent cooking and eating.


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